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in error. >> i know we could go on and on with that in terms of what president obama and mitt romney have said about it as well. let me switch to something that we aren't seeing talked about everywhere in congressional races and that is gun violence. our own experience in july with the aurora theater shootings, and then several subsequent mass shootings in wisconsin and minnesota and elsewhere. there really is a cry out there on the part of some people saying, congress should do more than offer condolences. it should be making some actual changes in how and what people can access in this country. what is it that you would get behind in that way? >> well, july 20th was a very sad day for our country and certainly for our city, and the metropolitan area. aurora will never be the same after that mass killing, and i've had a chance to meet with the families of some of the -- some of those who were killed. i've met with others who have been wounded. i met with the medical teams and law enforcement. for me this is very personal issue, and so on one side of the district you have columbine, where
think that the obama: -- that just flood of advertising that the obama: campaign did, directed at governor romney and the whole bain capital theme he laid people off, money was sent overseas and the entire attack on his business background, there's no question that did damage to governor romney for a period of time, and i think in a way it connects to the debate because people were saying, the debates -- they may not even matter that much this year. people are already makes up their minds, looking at the poles, and 0-lo and be hold, who would have preticketed what happened to first debate happened. i would argue the debate matter. >> i think the first debate mattered most. i think if romney had had a bad debate, instead of the other way around, we would not be seeing the race we're seeing today. i think for the reasons gwen, you're right. they do matter in the broad sense. but we also saw movements in these swing states. i always think that there must be diminishing returns at some writtenpoint where you think -- sometimes the same ad is -- i saw the same ad back-to-back three
are is a country. i think when president president obama got elected, big chunk of the country sort of did a timeout, where are we going? our government is getting too big and it's doing things government didn't use to do and then the election in 2010 i think they sent folks like us to congress to join in that debate and one other point, to help educate the american people. maybe this is something ms. duckworth and i can agree on. as a country we need to wake up because we really are not working in the economy is not growing. it's always easy to tear into the politicians but i think as a country we need to wake up and get educated. the last point, we have raised the debt ceiling a number of times. >> moderator: we will get to the specifics but before we get to that you said you weren't going to compromise and i'd like to follow. if you were reelected to a second term you would be willing to compromise. on what? walsh: depending on how the election shakes out again that next step in this country is coming together to figure out its problems and to help solve these problems. i have made clea
to read a few quotes, most notably president obama and governor romney and the most recent of the first presidential debate on october 3rd. governor romney, every free economy as good regulation. the same time regulation can be excessive. the dodd-frank act had a number of provisions of unintended consequences harmful to the economy. it's kind of reasonable and small banks. i would repeal and replace it. president obama: the reason for such an economic crisis has prompted by reckless behavior on wall street, but he answered it risk. we stepped in and had the toughest reforms on wall street since an 18 piece is that the question is, does anybody out there think we're too much oversight and regulation of wall street? senator warner of virginia, who subalterns crafting, congress never get to write when you look at massive reform legislation the first time through. he directionally had in the area and come back two or three years hence to the corrections legislation. secretary of the treasury, tim geithner and "wall street journal," strong defense of the dodd-frank act, asking to remember
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4